Liberty Hochburg Boxers

Breeding Champion lined Euro/American boxers in effort to better the breed

                                   Health Test Results 

    Princess Fiona of Windyville 

    OFA Certified for Thyroid  OFA # BX-TH468/22F-VPI   -  Normal

    OFA Certified for Heart     OFA # BX-CA1807/22F/C-VPI-ECHO   -  Normal


     Bodacious Bernadette v. Hochburg

  Heart tested by Echo cardiogram -Normal-  OFA# BX-CA2817/28F/C-PI-ECHO

     OFA certified for Thyroid   OFA#   BX-TH705/28F-PI

   Dream Weaver v. Hochburg "Ebony"

  Heart tested by Echo cardiogram - Normal -

  T4 - Thyroid - Normal

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