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Breeding Champion lined Euro/American boxers in effort to better the breed

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     We are  boxer enthusiast/breeder/exhibitors located in S.W. Ohio. We are about 30 miles north of Cincinnati. Our goal in breeding is to combine some of the best bloodlines Europe and America have to offer, helping the boxer to regain some of the work drive, muscle definition, and heavy bone structure, all qualities necessary in a work dog, but have been lost in many American bloodlines. This is our effort to better the breed. As we progress through this great journey into improvement on an already excellent breed we look toward the future with great hope. We have made many good friends in the world of dog sports, both here in America, and in Europe, and we look forward to making many more. In the future we hope to starting AKC obedience trials to showcase the superior work drive of the European boxer. We also show in the IABCA conformation ring in effort to gain INT CH. titles and beyond. We also show in AKC conformation mainly as owner/handler, so we are focusing more on conformation at this time. We have been showing selectively in conformation since 2009. I enjoy the connection with the dog by showing them myself.       I am proud to be a member of the Ohio Boxer Club.

All of our boxers live indoors with my family and I. We currently have 4 boxers, one is a pet only and was spayed at 6 months old(our first boxer), one is our foundation bitch(Fiona), our girl "Monkey" who is from our 2nd litter, and our newest addition is Ebony from Fiona's final litter. They are all a big part of our family and our daily life, as a boxer should be. Our younger dogs are crate trained, and kept in the crate at bed time, and while we are at work, but as soon as we get home they are all let out to be together and to be with us. Our dogs over two years old have free roam of the house all day and night. You can not buy a better security system! Although they are very friendly, boxers are also very protective of their home and their master. They do need lots of play and exercise time and daily work sessions, but beyond that they are inside dogs. None of our dogs live in kennels.

    We do not believe in over breeding or breeding more than a few litters in a year. Weather it be from one female, or several. In my opinion, having more than 3 or 4 litters in a year does not allow a breeder to take the time with each individual pup as needed.

 I am very selective in my breeding practices. Health is one of my first concerns in breeding. Heart disease is a major concern for our beloved boxers. Far too many boxers die at an early age because not enough breeders take the time and spend the money to make sure their breeding stock is free of genetic health issues. Health testing is not cheap, but it is worth the money to limit the risk of producing puppies with health problems. Knowing the bloodlines is only part of the equation. Health testing should be done to make sure the dogs to be bred are in peak condition and free of genetic problems.  Along with health testing I also believe a dog should have excellent temperament, strong work drive, and be as close to the breed standard in appearance as possible to be considered for breeding. There is no such thing as perfect appearance, but any flaws should be identified and countered by their breeding partner. This way of selective breeding is the only way to progress forward in bettering the breed.


                                                   David and Marie Knapp 

                                                Fairfield TWP, Ohio.  45011

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